Let your voice ring true

What can I do for you? I am a copy editor. I will review your writing to improve readability by removing typos, grammatical or punctuation errors, and help you say what you want to say with clarity.

I am also an author. So I will respect your unique voice, and the voices you have given your characters. I understand that punctuation is not just a collection of rules to follow. It is the way we lead readers through our words.

I use a pen name when I write fiction, but my editing work is done under my real name: Jan Whitson. I have a Ph.D. and worked in higher education for fifteen years, helping countless students improve their writing skills.

When we work together, you will email your manuscript to me. It will need to be a .doc or .docx file in English. (Your word processing program will give you the option to Save As… doc. or doc.x format even you are using Pages or some other writing software.) I will use Microsoft Word’s Track Changes to edit your manuscript. The finished file will be returned to you showing all my notes, suggestions and any corrections I have made. Work is charged on a per word basis, using the Microsoft Word word count of your original file.

You don’t have to wait until your novel is complete to get an edit. I can help you polish your first chapter for a contest. I can help clean up your synopsis. I am also happy to work with short stories, novellas, or articles you have written. I do not edit erotica or children’s picture books.

Despite my years of experience making edits, this online venture is new to me. So my prices are low, for now. A sample edit of 2000 words is $20, and is required. If we choose to work together on the remainder of your project, I charge $.0075 per word and require 50% of the total in advance. Your $20 will be deducted from the first payment. The second payment will be due when I return the edited document to you. I accept remittance only via PayPal, for my protection and yours.

Don’t release an unpolished manuscript. Let me help your voice ring true.